Simcity BuildIt Hack

SimCity BuildIt Review: Keep Your Sims Happy

If you want to build a town from scratch and be its proud mayor, then you should start playing SimCity BuildIt game. In this game, you need to build and manage a town and make it one of the best towns of the area.


To make your town successful, you need to construct several types of buildings and enhance its infrastructure. The residents of your city will need commercial buildings, private housing, recreational structures, factories, etc. so you need to keep adding all of them. As your Sims grow, the requirement for various buildings will grow too! Ensure that you procure enough raw materials for construction by building various factories in your town. In addition, whenever you have some in-game currency, spend it on upgrading your buildings so that you progress quickly in the game.

Another important aspect of the game is to enhance the connectivity of all roads. The various buildings, residences, factories, etc. that you build should be connected with each other so that your Sims can travel easily. All those buildings that are not linked with roads will not generate income as they will be inaccessible to the residents.

Simoleons And SimCash:

Progressing in the game without enough Simoleons and SimCash is impossible as they are the two important in-game currencies. You will require plenty of both the currencies for buying buildings, upgrading the existing ones, and speeding up the entire process of building and upgrading.

Simoleons can be earned by logging to the game daily, completing various quests, and acquiring them in form of taxes and rent from the residents of your city. On the other hand, SimCash can be earned by reaching new levels of the game and completing various challenges successfully.

Watching advertorial videos is also another quick method to earn some currencies. However, all that you collect through various ways will not be sufficient to progress in the game. So, you can purchase SimCash with real money or make use of tools like the SimCity BuildIt Hack to generate it in huge amounts.

Golden And Platinum Keys:

Golden and Platinum Keys are Tokens that are required for buying special buildings for your city. These buildings can make your Sims happy and lead to the development of your city. You can earn these tokens by completing tricky challenges, participating in various contests, and spending real cash. Alternatively, you can make use of SimCity BuildIt Cheats to acquire both these tokens in good quantities.

Managing Your Town:

The main criterion to achieve success in the game is to manage your town well. You should ensure that your residents are happily staying in your city because if they are unhappy then they will leave your town and migrate to another one.

So, you should take utmost care to keep them satisfied and happy. Some tips that you could use is that keep factories away from residential areas, demolish unwanted buildings, provide 24 hours water supply and electricity facilities to your residents, place residences near hospital, schools, offices etc. In short, you need to manage your city well and reach new stages quickly. Happy gaming!