Jan Jirkovsky ("Sysel"): Projects


Welcome to my site presenting my older freeware game projects.
All titles here are non-commercional and free to download. Most of them are both in Czech and English version.

For my professional projects, check out my portfolio at LinkedIn.

Project Ignis

Project Ignis

Year: 2008

Genre: space shooter

My role: Gamedesign, Programming (Delphi, Asphyre)

Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOALy0eu5KQ

Download: http://dex.dreadlocks.cz/download/ProjectIgnis.rar (120 MB)

Epic space shooter game presenting ship upgrades, special devices, lot of weapons and funny action gameplay! Amazing experience!

Battle Bottle

Battle Bottle

Year: 2007

Genre: arcade shooter

My role: Gamedesign, Programming (Delphi, Asphyre)

Download here (*.ZIP - 7.2 MB)

Arcade shooter for Becherovka Game 2008 competition based on Project Ignis engine. Simple and nice :)

Geometry Madness

Geometry Madness

Year: 2007

Genre: arcade

My role: Gamedesign, Programming (Dev-C++, SDL, OpenGL)

Web: http://geomad.kahi.cz/

Great and original arcade game with 3 modes, online hi-score tables and well-done graphics!


Ekolog: Muzes to zmenit! (CZECH ONLY)

Year: 2007

Genre: text RPG / strategy

Download here (download *.RAR - 2.1 MB)

My role: Gamedesign and scripts (FGBE)

Web: http://odpovednadoprava.ic.cz/

Text strategy game inspired by legendary game Diktator done for school ecological competition. Czech language only!

Not Just Another...

Not Just Another Fu**ing Space Shooter

Year: 2006

Genre: primitive shooter :-)

My role: Programming (Delphi, Asphyre)

Web: http://shooter.kahi.cz/

Tiny little nice game with tough difficulty and nice small concept

Fantasy GameBook Engine

Fantasy GameBook Engine (FGBE) - CZECH ONLY

Year: 2004-2007

Genre: Program for creation of electronic text RPG's

My role: All (programming in Delphi)

Web: http://gamebooky.syslik.net

Text-game interpreter for electronic gamebook games with RPG elements. CZECH ONLY



Year: 2004

Genre: Text RPG / gamebook

Download here (*.RAR - 130 KB)

My role: All (programming in Pascal)

My very first computer game - text RPG. Long story and gameplay, hundreds of locations, RPG features and original concept. CZECH ONLY

Jan "Sysel" Jirkovsky